1 Click Blog Post Review & Demo: 1 Click Blog Post Content Creation

1 Click Blog Post Review & Demo: 1 Click Blog Post Content Creation

1 Click Blog Post Review: – In this video, I’ll show you what Ankur Shuklas 1-Click Blog Post WordPress plugin does and how it works. You’ll see how easy it is to generate content for any niche or topic for your WordPress articles.

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What is 1-Click Blog Post: It’s a WordPress plugin that requires minimal interaction to import transcripts of YouTube videos to be used as content for your website. You can create an unlimted amount of posts from any videos in any niches.

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  1. Guys, it is obvious that you need to first check the outcome with copyscape and rewrite it based on it…there is no magic here…juts put the work

  2. I have seen several products like this and bought one that did really good transcription.
    But what I found checking with copyscape was that a lot of Chinese bots had already scraped the video text and thrown it up on s site.
    So, yes it works but most of the times NOT unique content! Dont even remember if I ever got unique content, gave up on unique content with this type of method.

  3. Hi Chris, I was wondering about duplicate content. Let's say you and I both grab the same video, but you place the transcript on your site first, would Google see my content as duplicate content?

  4. Your website will be ban from Google
    If any blogger need to rank on Google you must use keyword research tool like Aahrefs and create a plan pick low competitive. Keywords under 7 difficulty and hire a content writer from Upwork or Thehoth
    Invest in creating real business not to stole other content.

  5. Dood you got some tricks up your sleeve lol. I love your theme, still building out my site to get more content. Love the plug-in. Gotta get this one. Lol.

  6. Hi Chris, do you know if there is a maximum word limit? For example, if I grab a YouTube video link that is an hour long… that's obviously a ton of word content. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day! 🙏🏼

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