Create Review πŸ”₯ Create By Vidello Tutorial πŸ”₯

Create Review πŸ”₯ Create By Vidello Tutorial πŸ”₯

Create Review: – In this video tutorial, I make a short video with Create by Vidello showing you all the features of the software and how it works.

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Create is a great Camtasia studio alternative. It doesn’t have as many features, but it has the features you really need to make an outstanding video with very little effort.

In this Create review, you’ll see how to import images, video, audio, text and more and how to shorten and cut the media files with ease.

When you buy Create by Vidello I recommend you first visit my website above where you can get Create coupons during launch week and save some extra money. You’ll also be able to view the OTO’s and upsells and much more.

Learn more about Create video editor or the Create by Vidello video editing software.

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  1. Israel in You Χ’Χ•Χ€Χ¨ Χ”Χ¨-Χ˜Χ•Χ‘, ΧžΧΧ¨Χ¦Χ Χ• ΧœΧ’Χ¦ΧžΧ Χ• says:

    Hi thanks for this video. Question: how can I record as you did to see myself combine with the background of the screen

  2. Do not buy this app, it seriously sucks πŸ‘ŽπŸΎ. Bugging all the times. Bought it 2 weeks, it’s bugging so much I don’t even create 1 video 😀😀😀 I contacted their support & I guess what …No answer what so ever, not at all!! And it’s been 5 days now, still waiting for an answer πŸ™„. Don’t waste your time & money πŸ™…πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  3. I bought this. It's horrible. It does not have even an UNDO functionality. Like CTRL+Z does not work. I hope they upgrade this tool fast.

  4. Appreciate you putting together this video.

    I bought the software a couple weeks ago, and really enjoy using it. Not too terribly hard, and doesn't take a ton of resources like some of the other video editing platforms out there.

  5. How do you do the green screen effect? Can you do all that in Create Vidello? Or did you have to finish the video (getting rid of the green-screen) in another software?

  6. Hi Chris, thanks for the video. I'm wondering if you created this video with Create. I ask because last I heard they don't offer capability for greenscreen. Just wondering if you used another program. Thanks again!

  7. Thank you very much for the review! I was thinking of the same question Andrew does: you show just yourself on the screen while recording your review. Without the rectangle, just you. How do you do that? I use OBS.

  8. I like this product for a lot of vid applications..Thanks… Is the talking head feature included in Create or did you do that with another product?… I use Loom for talking heads, but like that you are using just a silhouette.

  9. I purchased this software. Though i have not used it yet, as i am currently busy attending a fulltime course about setting up my own business. I saw the software and felt it was a steal at that price. Anyway, can i ask about creating Animated Intro.s for my videos?. Does 'Create' have the facility to create animated intro.s?

  10. Just curious…I don't see a "Pro" version listed on the sales page for Vidello, only a personal and commercial version with exactly the same things (except commercial allows you to sell videos to clients). Thanks so much!

  11. Unfortunately I already bought it before I found you. However, I want to THANK YOU. I learned more from 18 minutes with you then I have over the last three days of watching the Tutorials from CreateVidello. I have no experience at this right now so if you ever create anymore tutorials PLEASE let me know. You are patient and organized. I am going to watch again since I know I will pick up more information.

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