Speechelo Review: Speechelo Text To Speech (TTS) Software

Speechelo Review: Speechelo Text To Speech (TTS) Software

Speechelo Review: In this review and demo of Speechelo, I’m going to show you inside the members area and show you how it works to convert text to speech as well as go over some details of the upsells. You can buy Speechelo discounted through the link above plus get bonuses.

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How Does Speechelo Work?

Just paste the text you want to be transformed into our online text editor. Our A.I. engine will check your text and will add all the punctuation marks needed to make the speech sound natural.

Choose a language and voice from over 30 voices for you to choose from. You can preview each voice to hear and find the one that best fits your needs. Also, you can add breathing sounds, longer pauses in the speech and even choose the tone of the speech: Serious, Joyful or just normal.

In less than 10 seconds you’ll have your voiceover generated. You can play the voiceover directly from Speechelo to see if you like it or you want to try a different voice. After that all it is left to do is to DOWNLOAD your brand new voiceover and use it for your projects.

This video will show you a full Speechelo demo along with a Speechelo tutorial on how to use it to convert text to speech. Don’t forget to pick up my Speechelo bonuses and learn more about the Speechelo upsells and OTO’s from my website.

Thanks for watching this Speechelo review and demo YouTube video.

Affiliate Disclosure: This video is brought to you by VIDSociety. We highlight products and services you might find interesting. If you buy them, we get a share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. We may receive products free of charge test. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product is featured or recommended.


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  1. Please how many voice overs can you generate after purchasing it, like is there a certain limit you'd reach and you can't use it again till you renew license???

    I.e Am I limited to amount of voice conversion after buying it?…

  2. Hey mate is it possible to have to different voices in one segment? I was thinking this would be perfect to do radio sweepers, jingles and sponsor ads. What are your thoughts? I know you mainly focused on video but what about radio? Would I need to do a different script for each person and then just edit it in Adobe audition?

  3. Question before i buy it. In their terms and conditions, this is written "Abuse And Limitations

    Any kind of abuse of Speechelo APP will get your account limited. Use it within normal limits to avoid any service interruption. Your license can generate up to 500.000 characters per month. Passing that limit will block your account until 10 days pass since you reached the limit." Is this true?

  4. Thanks for your review. Speechelo is amazing for computerized voices, but still has a few recognizeable tics that maybe can be adjusted by adding breaths, etc. 3 things folks should know: 1. This is not software you can download to your machine, but you are buying an account for use online. It still works for me with my current internet browsers. 2. It works for a Mac. 3. Support is next to nonexistent but I did get a few emails back by opening tickets. If you click on little question mark signs in the interface you can call up a few context-specific tutorial videos.

  5. That's not a "REVIEW", that's an ad. As simple as that! If it would be a review, you would have to tell the people, that the basic version is in fact just a catch and absolutely useless for any even semi-professional production. It's just here to catch people, who then think "ok… i already spent money, but it doesn't work as expected. So now I gotta buy the pro version or the money is lost". And why you don't mention, that it's in fact not a software, but cloud based? Why don't you tell the people, their usage is being monitored? Even the pro version is limited, when it comes to the ammount of text – it says, that it's unlimited, but that's a lie. Most people won't need so much text, that it reaches the limit. But some do! And if they exceed the limit, they are being BANNED FOR A MONTH or at least for some days! Paying customers, that have been told there'as no limit are being banned from using the service they paid for, because they believed what has been told them by the company, who sold them the product. In a normal country that's called scam!
    And honestly, why there is no trial period? It could be easily limited to maybe just a few words or just a week or 3 days or both. If the product would be nearly as good as all the "REVIEWS" tell (every reviewer offers to buy it using his code lol), it wouldn't be necessary to push the people to buy the basic version to catch them. If it would be just almost as good as described, nobody would care about 47 bucks to buy it. I wouldn't even care to spend 100 bucks or even more. There's no trial, because then people would find out, it's useless and the catch wouldn't work.
    Btw… the text you type to generate the speech is being uploaded. The generating process happens on a server – right? What if people don't want it to be uploaded to someone elses computer, because no one can tell what happens to the – maybe very personal content, maybe copyrighted content – after the speech file is being generated. Maybe nothing and maybe it gets deleted. But maybe it's saved and someone can read it. Very very unprofessional and beside that it's something people learn AFTER they bought it – not before!
    All of that facts just make it a scam and you, dear channel owner, are helping them scamming people.
    There's more relevant information in this comment than in your "review", isn't it? So now you see, why you should rename it from "Speechelo Review" to "Speechelo Ad – if you buy using my link, I'll get paid and you learn something about trust in random YT guys". That would be a honest title.

  6. In the foothills of discovering all that Speechelo can do but impressed already. Naively, I bought from Speechelo's website rather than via this link. A lesson for all future purposes; look at product or service, then investigate on YouTube!

  7. sounds like crap, still way to robotic, a voice over is like 30 euro, why even make the effort of writing the text and then putting this voice on, can as well use like condeana or any other stuff, its like 5% better than the others but still not good. great video though, almost bought this because of all the obviously fake reviews

  8. Artificial, especially voices that are not English. Asked for the refund, ended it up with a joke as a reply. No, not happy at all 😡

  9. Your review of this product is GREAT, which is why I purchased it. However, Speechelo is trying to SCAM ME!!!!!!!!! I purchased Speechelo in both standard and pro versions and when I logged in, I am unable to use what I purchased. The word, "PRO" is not listed next to any of my voices, but the word, "Elite" is showing up next to my voices. Now they tell me that I have to purchase the "Elite version" in order to use what I originally purchased, which is Speechelo standard and Pro! Buyer BEWARE! SMDH!

  10. Great Review Thanks,
    during purchase, they are offering an extra product "ultimate High Conversion Voice over script Template" with extra ~ $9. what is that and do we need it?

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