Stomperrr Review & Demo: Find Businesses That Need SEO Help

Stomperrr Review & Demo: Find Businesses That Need SEO Help

Stomperrr Review: This is an amazing online tool to help you find local businesses that need help with website issues. Primarily site speed which is a super easy fix and can lead into other types of SEO work for huge paydays.

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What is Stomperrr? Stomperrr is a software that allows you to find businesses with slow websites and offer them different SEO services.

The AUTOMATED software finds you unlimited clients with a specific website problem … one they’ll happily pay HUNDREDS of dollars to fix the same software gives you the contact info of these website owners … so you can email them from INSIDE the system using included templates. Then best part about Stomperrr is that the software fixes their website problem, and you keep 100% of the profits.

After fixing your client’s 1st website problem, the software then identifies up to 4 more MAJOR issues then generates a report you send to your clients using the included email templates. It’s EASY to outsource the solutions for pennies on the dollar.

Learn more about Stomperrr, Stomperrr pricing, Stomperrr upsells, Brendan Mace and get a full Stomperrr demo and tutorial that shows you exactly how it works. You can also pick up some amazing Stomperrr bonuses the website.



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  1. I invested in this software program. Was supposed to be supplied with affiliate bonuses for joining. The bonus link on the invoice page is dead.
    Despite repeated requests for help it fell on deaf ears . Tried contacting them on 3 different emails (2 email addresses were dead) still with no success (also they had a dead website).
    I also left messages requesting assistance on messenger … NO REPLY.
    Twice while on messenger that brendan mace came on and as soon as he saw I was online he got off.
    Since he OBVIOUSLY had no intention of replying to me I decided I wanted out & asked for a refund.
    In the end I was forced to get Paypal involved to get my refunds.
    If you buy ANYTHING FROM THIS GUY you know what your up against.

  2. What I can't find anywhere is how does the software:
    1. Detect problems on a website without permissions/ access to the site? There are an endless possibility of things that can for example cause the website to be slow. What happens if you already have the person's money and the websites slowness is due to a physical server/ network issue or anything that can't be fixed by the software?
    2. How does the software fix the problems on the customer's website and where does the fix come from? Does your local machine connect to the remote server that the website is hosted on or does a Stomperrr server somewhere connect and fix the customer's website?

  3. Did you have an issue to connect smtp? I cant send campaign email because it said "SMTP connect() failed." I cant get ahold of support and it been WEEKS!

  4. Thank you for sharing this useful stomperrr review. I like the fact that this software can solve problems. This makes it a very powerful tool for online business.✔️✔️✔️

  5. Thanks for the detailed intro on Stomperrr. Definitely this software has many tools to discover problems faced by businesses in promoting their websites, whether in speed , SEO, rankings a nd visibility to the surfers/likely customers.

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