Synthesys Review + Demo: Synthesys Review + Bonuses

Synthesys Review + Demo: Synthesys Review + Bonuses

Synthesys Review: In this video, I’ll show you how the Synthesys text to speech web-based software works. This is a premium quality, real human TTS tool that gives you features to create amazing quality voice-overs from your scripts.

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Synthesys is a text to speech web based software created by Mario Brown and Oliver Goodwin that uses real humans for reading your script.

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  1. Be warned that if you buy this and don't like it you will not get a refund. They will simply ignore you. You can open a support ticket and they will respond to your ticket but they will simply dodge your request and say something unrelated to the refund. You will then respond again stating you want a refund and then bam…. radio silence from them. Be cautious folks.

  2. VID, do you have any recommendations for something that's not real voice actors but gives me more control? i want a TTS that's easy to use, but has more control than what i've seen here.

  3. if i can't control the pacing, breaths, and so on…then i'm not interested. on one of the in the other video i could hear the guy taking breaths. i don't want to have to edit those out myself when i'm paying money for it.

  4. Hey Chris – I would like clarification please on this software? Is this an AI voice generator? I know you mentioned real people, but other marketers are saying this is produced by the AI software. thanks

  5. Is it correct that Speechelo allow more customization/fine-tuning..for instance, it allows editing and adding in the ability to emphasize keywords? DO you prefer Synthesys or Speechelo ?

  6. thank you very much for the explanation of the Synthesys platform the truth is that your explanation helped me a lot for future projects thank you very much for the video and very good content friend luck in your future projects

  7. Your review is very good, I really liked the video, you have all the complete information and you have clarified all my doubts and I have learned a little more about the subject, I recommend it

  8. Thanks a lot for sharing the honest information about synthesys . This synthesys review helped me to learnt more about this product. Thanks๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘

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