Synthesys Review & Voice Demos – Synthesys Text to Speech Software

Synthesys Review & Voice Demos - Synthesys Text to Speech Software

Synthesys Review: Watch as I show you a full demo and review of Synthesys text to speech. This tool uses real humans to read your script for voice-overs. For details on pricing, upsells, OTO’s and bonuses, be sure to visit the link above.

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Synthesys is a massive database that contains voices from many different people which can be used for reading scripts and text for voice-overs. It’s a credit-based system that uses credits for characters. More credits can be purchased as needed.


Step 1 – Choose your voice-over artist.
Step 2 – Type your script or paste in box.
Step 3 – Create voice-over file for download.


Who created this Synthesys?
Oliver Goodwin and Mario Brown

Is there a Synthesys money back guarantee?
Yes, you have 14 days no questions money back guarantee.

Is it English only?
Yes, this is not Amazon Polly or Google Wave, so it only support English language.

Will there be updates?
Yes, with more unique options added at no extra charge.

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  1. Is Youtube kidding us?

    Why don't they clarify this issue?

    Tts use is prohibited or not?

    Can the channel using Tts make money or not?

    Is it that difficult to give an exact answer to this question?

    Isn't there a person on duty on Youtube to answer these questions?

    We are tired now. Everything is ambiguous.

    Eventually I will hit the Youtube center and kill everyone who works.

    We want an answer. We expect a definite answer.

    I'm tired of everyone saying something different.

  2. Thanks for this , but I've doubs: 1- they charge a 67$ plus a pay as you go in credits, plus no trial.
    The pay as you go in this case is absolutely wrong: if you charge ongoing credits ( trust me 1 hour of voiceover including reviews etc Ends so fast!) You keep the charge not in 67 but less.. who spends that amount if other competitors have better plans?
    Seems like don't want to sell!
    A huge sales copy for what? if pricing is out of any (in its niche) logic how they guess to hit the market?
    Just consider me frustrated by this, the product is mature and could crush competitors for the long runs,
    But is marketed as they just don't care of it.

  3. I tried to buy synthesys agency with your link. But unfortunately when i click on buy button of 497$ unlimited agency. It redirect to jvzoo main page not checkout .
    Can yoy help me with that? I asked customer support but not got answer yet.

  4. Trying to purchase this product, its not accepting any of my payment card. both debit and credit card, and I don't use PayPal😭🤦🏼‍♂️

  5. Hi i have a cuestion. in the Synthesys Lifetime Deal you have a point, that i dont understand at all… it say: 30,000 credits (Upsell for Unlimited) .. so whats the meaning of that? ..i will have to buy then more extra credits when i used the 30,000 characteres? … tnkx by your asistance.

    And finalhy i want to nkow if the system have Spanish / México acent.

  6. Wow! that's some really good-sounding speech. Well it should be since it was done by real people. This is what we all have been waiting for. Just think of all the things that this could be used for? I am already thinking audio books, Internet radio commercial spots, and who knows what else. The possibilities here are virtually endless!

  7. Outstanding software! Are British English voices included or only American English voices? The other thing that has occurred to me is 'emotions'. Can the voices shout, sound angry, sound sad etc.?

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