Thumbnail Blaster Review and Demo With Bonuses

Thumbnail Blaster Review and Demo With Bonuses

Thumbnail Blaster Review: – Let me walk you through the members area of Thumbnail Blaster and show you how easy it is to create a professional YouTube thumbnail in just a few minutes.


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With Thumbnail Blaster, you can integrate with your YT channel to quickly change your video thumbnails and even slit test! Another huge feature if you grab the first upsell is the ability to check the quality of your YouTube thumbnail against Google AI Vision system which can determine if your video gets shown in the search results.

In this step-by-step Thumbnail Blaster tutorial, I’ll walk you through creating a new YouTube thumbnail with the YouTube thumbnail editor and adding it to your video. There are many pre-made YouTube thumbnail templates available to get you started. You simply need to make your own text edits and adjust images as you like then you’re done.

If you’re looking for ways on how to make a YouTube thumbnail, this is going to be one of the easiest ways. This can be used as a YouTube thumbnail generator if you want to know how to make a thumbnail for YouTube.

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  1. Been contemplating on purchasing this but what holds me back is the limited number of thumbnails available when you purchase as I've read on other reviews that it only gives you about 3 and wants you to upgrade and pay more which will be about $200. Dont hold me to that though as I did not try purchasing it yet but just read on reviews.

  2. This is a good review! Of a crappy product. You need an AI to tell you a picture of a girl's ass is racy?? The templates are nice, but I have photoshop and a design background. I guess if you don't have basic graphic design skills the templates could be helpful.

    The "split test" is a joke. True split testing splits traffic evenly over a set time period. 5 days with 1 thumb, then 5 with the other is bogus. The first week my videos are released they always have a higher CTR as my core audience is seeing them, so using this, it would almost certainly tell me the first thumb is better even when it's not. Or what if you ran your split test and the first 5 days where the days we were waiting to find out who won the presidential election? Or the 5 days before Christmas vs 5 after. This is not split testing. PLUS… I can do this myself, by just swapping thumbnails out in youtube studio!

  3. Hey,

    I am raj from india. i have Domain Name,

    unlimited hosting. I am Night Dresses Manufacturer. but, Not website.

    Can you Suggest website builder Product based/ keyword Based Artificial Intelligence(AI) Cloud based Software?

    like Thumbnailblaster

  4. I just bought this product and a. Its not downloadable software like I thought it was. People may not have a internet connection when they are traveling or on a plane to log in. B. I paid just under $50 and almost all the thumbnails are UNAVAILABLE unless you UPGRADE. I already paid for one upgrade and the trickery behind the Software is ridiculous. Under each genre you have maybe 3 or 4 free thumbnails, and if you want more you gotta pay A WOPPING $200 MORE. Its just a clever way of the engineers to get the end result of you picking and paying for all the options eventually. Becaue I know if I were to pay the $200 they would push me or limit me to pay for another upgrade. So the software leads you to beleived you get alllll these thumbnails but you don't. WHAT A JOKE.

  5. I have a question, first what software do you use to make yourself cropped while screen recording like this? For the thumbnail, is thumbnail blaster easy to use a picture of someone cropped as well (like the image outlined)

  6. I might sound really crazy but how do i get to the part where i'm in the program and add my videos is it a website I need to add to my laptop or in you tube , I'm completely lost.

  7. Hey, I want to know if there's possible to edit 'vector photos' or PSD files downloaded from third party sources such as 'freepik' in thumbnail blaster to create thumbnails ?? Or we can just upload simple photos and edit?

  8. ***We'll I'm not impressed, when I finished entering my cc details, before I clicked the conformation button to order they just took the order and processed it! Ok so I put up with that, they I wen't to upgrade, they charged me twice again, WITHOUT ME CONFIRMING THE ORDER, or putting in my CC details or confirming it! —THEY SIMPLY RAN WITH MY CC DETAILS AND TOOK MY MONEY. Very bad behaviour, In effect they charged me 85.00 EUROS for it! NOT 24!! APPROACH THIS SITE WITH CAUTION ***** ITS VERY SPAMMY AND THEY DO NOT BEHAVE PROFESSIONALLY******

  9. Can you pick up some of the elements (words or png's) and use them outside the Blaster (for instance in PowerPoint)? Or can you eliminate the background and save the thumb as png? Thanks.

  10. Really like this but would prefer to use our own images as part of each thumbnail. Hence, we would need to take what we might use in a TN and cut out just the parts we want onto a transparent background. Do you know of any tools for this that are simpler than photoshop? Great review. We'll use your links if we can figure out the cut-out part. 👍🏼

  11. Just got mine today, was playing with it for a bit, one question… did you delete the monkey and other things, I can not delete anything in mine, what am i doing wrong and please don't tell me to use the delete key!!!

  12. Hay there gang i have my password saved yet nowhere to find the login page
    help to login link appreciated warmly oho Others helping Others

    yap no were online were the login is mmm

  13. thanks a lot for giving this tour through members area of Thumbnail Blaster. now I'm convinced that this app is powerful enough to create unique and attractive thumbnails.

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