Tube Target Review & Demo + Bonuses [NEW 2019]

Tube Target Review & Demo + Bonuses [NEW 2019]

Tube Target Review: Tube Target gives you Facebook level targeting for your video advertisements. You can explore niches and narrow down the exact videos and channels that your target market is watching.


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You get the most targeted audience ever and they see your ad while they are actively looking for the product / service you are offering. You can easily export the targeting in a Google ads compatible CSV file and have your ads running in less than a few minutes.

Tube Target, also called TubeTarget is a great Tubesift alternative for finding videos with ads! In this TubeTarget review, I’ll give you a Tube Target tutorial as well as explain how you can get details on Tube Target pricing, Tube Target upsells and OTO offers, and some amazing Tube Target bonuses.


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  1. OMG what a nightmare. First of all they can't find my account. Secondly it does not work it needs an API adjustment. Thirdly the API steps do not work. I used tube sift before it as simple what on earth is going on here? Then I get a warrior email which I amnot sure what this relates to? Never had a product where you buy it and it just does to work!! It gets worse the live chat wants me to create a ticket for something that I have not had access to!!! You could not make this up!!!! Not happy at all. This strikes me as an Indian outfit on a budget. Be careful

  2. So if I select a niche, would be best not to do an unlimited number of businesses in that niche to prevent competing with my marketing for another client in that niche?

  3. Nice explanations about the review of Tube target with detailed. Thanks for sharing this video. keep it sharing like this video in the future. I gathered more valuable informations from this video.

  4. Tube Target is new information for me and this detailed review helped me understand it more. It could be of good use for me in my affiliate marketing, I will wait for your more video on TubeTarget and in that mean time, I'll make more search about TubeTarget.

  5. Hey Chris, Nice Review. If you don't mind me asking, may I know what software you using to be able to put yourself on the screen presentation like this? Looks really cool. Thanks.

  6. Hello Buddy. Let me honestly congratulate you for the great job you are doing with your channel, always sharing the best tips totally for free. Since i am following your videos i have been improving little by little so Thanks so much

  7. Having good ad placement that targets the proper audience is extremely important in getting the most profit out of your videos. As long as you reach the right audience, you can continue to grow. Thank you so much for this helpful review!

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