Video Marketing Blaster Case Study + LIVE Ranking Demo [NEW]

Video Marketing Blaster Case Study + LIVE Ranking Demo [NEW]

Video Marketing Blaster: – In this review and demo of Video Marketing Blaster, I’ll show you a case study of ranking videos and also a live ranking example using Live Event Blaster.

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What is Video Marketing Blaster?
Video Marketing Blaster is an amazing video marketing desktop software to help you find keywords, analyze competitors, create optimized seo video titles, descriptions, and tags as well as track all your video rankings in both YouTube and Google. Video Marketing Blaster can do a lot more if you integrate it with the BlasterSuite tools such as Live Event Blaster.

In this Video Marketing Blaster review, I’ll give you a demo and you can get more details on the Video Marketing Blaster upsells, OTO’s and Video Marketing Blaster pricing and bonuses.


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  1. Hi there,
    I found your one of your videos and I like your contents. I want to start out a youtube channel but I'm confused on what softwares best suits me as you have a couple of the softwares you are promoting like vidanami, keywordsatlas, spinrewriter, YIVE , video makerting blast. Which one would would you recommend.

  2. Hi Great video and very clear explanation. I am very interested in buying it and since i have been watching your videos, I will buy it through your link, please answer me if this vmb is good for website promotion too or only videos. I read the website promotion in very few places and every video and content is geared only towards video. Please advise me. Thanks

  3. Stop that BS video. You know it's not working. You just use a non searchable long term keywords😂😂. You don't need a video marketing blaster to get the same result with that non sense keywords👎🏼

  4. I have found a curious event. Using your strategy here, I not only ranked #1 on YT for the keyword, I also found my thumbnails ranked in Google Images.

  5. But what about affiliate marketing? All the examples that I've seen require a city/state . Someone looking for a Dog Training program is not going to type in Beckley, wv. How do I rank for affiliate programs?

  6. video thumb won't show in SERP of google if streamed, only the channel art image. It will rank and show the proper thumb if a live event is scheduled for some time in the future but when you click on the google results it just goes to a Youtube static thumb and does not play.

  7. Really great video. Never heard of this program before. I do have a question.. now that I've watched some of your other videos.

    What software do you feel is better arvo or live event blaster?

    I want to create pre-recorded videos and stream them as live videos.

  8. Hi there! thanks for your video! 🙂
    I am new to this space but I really want to rank videos for local businesses. I wish to use the videos as a local lead generation system. The questions I am having is if people looking for a plumber lets say or a vet or a cleaner or limo service…. are they really going to click on a video and then call the business? In other word, in your experience and knowledge, is that really a good way to send lead to a local business?

  9. Thanks for the sharing this update. And this video is excellent walkthrough and piece of advice about video marketing blaster. This software is very helpful for me! ❤️

  10. woooow
     I like AffiliateTube your videos very much, all your videos are super good, thanks for making this content for your followers, especially this about Marketing Blaster. I recommend them all, greetings from my country.

  11. I think that this is very good video marketing software because it can find keywords and analyze a lot of stuff and optimize your rankings on youtube. You get all that for a reasonable price.

  12. Excellent review and detailed demo on Video marketing blaster. This is such a wonderful platform. This review helped me to learn lot f information about it.

  13. Hey Chris, thanks for a very informative and instructional video. However I’m interested in seeing the keyword where it has (decent amount of searches per month) ranked rather than the long tail keyword (no search volume) which people don’t ever search for, it’s no point really is it in my opinion. Thanks

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