VidScribe AI Review + FULL Demo & Bonuses [Proof]

VidScribe AI Review + FULL Demo & Bonuses [Proof]

VidScribe AI Review: – Watch as I do a complete campaign with VidScribe then rank the video #1 in Russian language. In this Vidscribe review, I’ll show you step by step how to do a complete video in another language.

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What is VidScribe AI?
VidScribe is a desktop software that gives you the ability to take your video and auto-create multiple versions of it in different voice over languages and subtitles. The entire process is very easy, almost hands-free and can get you a lot of additional traffic and sales.

VidScribe AI is the powerful AI based software that explodes your free traffic by getting you traffic from places that you’ve never tapped before — people who are looking for content in other languages.

VidScribe AI will get you the global audience by automatically translating the video into any language you want, not just the text, but also the audio. It will automatically create subtitles in any language, and automatically re-dub the video in any language, getting you access to a worldwide audience the way you’ve never access them before.

In this review of Cyril Jeet VidScribe AI, I’ll be giving you a full VidScribe AI demo and show you how to set up a campaign. You can also learn about the VidScribe AI upsells, VidScribe AI OTO’s, VidScribe AI pricing, VidScribe AI coupons and where to buy VidScribe AI.


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  1. Hi sir I already bought the software but I would like to ask you something I create three comapgain but when I I want to create another comapgain is not allow it's show me that my limits for today is already use

  2. So if you just purchase the VidScribe AI FE: $21-$37 will you be able to do everything that is showed in the video or to be able to do the languages do you need to purchase the Pro?

  3. So if you just VidScribe AI FE: $21-$37 will you be able to do everything that is showed in the video or to be able to do the languages do you need to purchase the Pro?

  4. UPDATE to my initial issue after purchasing (which by the way I did through your aff link due to your resourceful video here), where I could not activate the software due to their activation email not having an activation link: the big problem was not getting emails from them for support and chat, though, nice, giving me useless help to keep trying to register my product through different emails in case it was an ip block, when it was that their activation letter was instead replaced by a welcome letter with no activation code. Point is, after putting in a support ticket asking to activate or refund if not able, shortly after I was sent by support activation to my license and replies to my support came to my email, so all is good.

    This could be a problem with their chat which informed me that although I saw my license said pending and I asked them if there was a wait period due to it was Sunday, they told me no, that it would activate when I submitted my license through the software and clicked on the auto-generated email I would get back, and then only getting a generic welcome letter each time. It seems to me that perhaps these have to be manually reviewed after all and then after a generic welcome letter may come the activation code, as on my order email where I submitted twice by direction of chat my license, I never got an activation email, but on the 3rd different email chat told me to use, and my then putting in a support request to activate or refund if not able, then within 2 hours I was sent not only replies to all my support request, but also the activation code. Morale of the story may be to order weekdays, india hours. Other thing I wonder is this software is reliant on amazon AWS and their translate/transcription does have a fee after the first 60 minutes each month, a minor fee, but still a fee per second. I see no way to enter my amazon account in order to link for that reason if I have more than 60 minutes a month, which is easy for me as I make long videos? After looking in the software I saw no place for that, and I wonder if amazon will end up shutting down access over time if it sees too many requests with no accounts? Could be an easy update for them to allow that linkage, as it only costs now $0.0004 per second and that adds up to pennies for an hour.

  5. Thanks for sharing your review. It looks like a really useful tool to target other countries. Look forward to checking out your bonuses in the link also.

  6. Can you transcribe anyone's videos and claim it as your own?
    That would be scary.
    Are you looking at transcribing only your own videos and creative Commons videos?
    If so, this software would be useful mainly for content creators only.

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