Viral News Jacker Review With Viral News Jacker Demo

Viral News Jacker Review With Viral News Jacker Demo

Viral News Jacker Review: – In this review, I’ll buy a new domain and set up a new WordPress site using Viral News Jacker. You’ll see inside the members area and I’ll explain exactly how the plugin works by showing you all the features and options.

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What is Viral News Jacker?
Glenn Kosky’s Viral News Jacker is a WordPress plugin and theme that automatically imports current news into your site growing it without any manual work. The site can easily be monetized with ads or even adding your own WordPress posts for product reviews. The buit-in social syndication plugin will drive extra traffic to your site for increased earnings.

Viral News Profits lets you create up to FIVE automated income sites. That’s five sites of YOUR choice all bringing in passive income – in ANY niche you want.

Target sports, entertainment, finance, politics or personal interests. Create ‘authority sites’ that cover a huge range of topics. With EVERY automated update, your free traffic & profits increase … for a set & forget GROWING income solution. Effortlessly swap out ads & offers on any site to SCALE the best performers and maximize your income!

Bank multiple passive income streams from affiliate links, CPA offers and advertising banners. Leverage the net’s most trending news for free viral traffic. BUILT-IN content spinners, image replacement & translation tools maximize your free search traffic from every update. 1-click sharing for floods of social media traffic. Build your list at the SAME time you’re generating passive profits.

In this viral news jacker review, I’ll go over the viral news jacker pricing, show you a viral news jacker demo and tutorial of inside the my WordPress website.


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  1. Sir: I found your review on this product which I thought was for Year 2020. You build a website for this Plugin and the link no longer works. What do you do when this happens after say, 45 days? Additionally, what happens to the bonuses for those folks that buy the product after the launch period. Not sure if you will see this. Oh- your video on PLR is very good.

  2. Great Content, Chris. Thinking about getting this software but i would like to know if i can be particular around the health niche. can you add a certain site if it's not included in the article Drop down menu/source? how can i go about this? Thanks for the feedback in advance!

  3. This plugin is STOLEN from me. It is REBRANDED from my original plugin called NEWSOMATIC. You can check my channel for details. I cannot link directly, because YouTube will consider my comment as spam.

  4. This is really a great work about Viral News Jacker Review & Full Demo. Explanations with visualise have made
    me to remember most of the work. Thanks for sharing the video

  5. A big thumbs up to this review that is well researched and it has taught me a lot about Viral News Jacker. I will also share this video on my facebook public wall so that most of my friends also benefit from this video.

  6. Excellent viral news jacker review! I am also satisfied with this presentation! Great work! Thanks a lot for sharing this useful and detailed video!

  7. What a quite interesting video I've found! Thanks for sharing such an useful information like this with us. I'll be looking forward to watch your next videos!

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