Vlueo Review: Targeted YouTube Ads Placement Tutorial

Vlueo Review: Targeted YouTube Ads Placement Tutorial

Vlueo Review: – In this review of Vlueo, I’m going to show you how to target highly relevant videos for your YouTube ads. I’ll walk you through the Vlueo app and show you how it works and what features it offers. Pick it up through my site and also get my video bonus of setting up a video YouTube ad.

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Vlueo allows you to quickly search and locate monetized videos by keyword, likes, dislikes, views, comments, plus more advanced criteria. You will instantly see the level of monetization on every video…whether it has pre-roll ads or overlay ads. (or if the video is monetised at all)

You can click on a thumbnail to preview videos and video ads instantly. If you want to place ad’s on any videos you can import the display ad’s and videos to your Google ads video campaign. You can Export lists to CSV/XLS files to view outside the software… Save search criteria for frequent use… and save your results to unlimited lists.

Vlueo allows you to quickly find and locate YouTube creators to help promote and sell your products for you.

You can search for them by keyword and advanced parameters to narrow your search for who is the right fit for you. You can for instance, search for creators by views, or followers to see how popular they are.

You can contact any relevant creators you find easily as Vlueo gives you social media links, emails, and website links for any potential influencers. Again-you can export lists to CSV/XLS files and save to unlimited lists inside the software. Vlueo has a cutting edge built in 1st party tracking solution in its software.

This tracking system is incredibly accurate. If you’ve been using a 3rd party tracking solution like Google Analytics for any amount of time-you’ll know how unreliable it can be.

Thanks for watching this Vlueo review and tutorial.

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  1. Very good software, but… I don't think Youtube/Google will allow some of the features to go on for long. Like finding too much or some "specific" information from other people's ads. Just like Facebook does, they block your software or send you a threatening "cease and desist letter".

  2. How is this better than Tube Driller? YSPY? Tubesift? Veeroll? Better features than Tube Driller Yspy and Tubesift. Veeroll is really expensive, but has superior features.

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