WP Smart Links Review: Share Affiliate Links on Facebook

WP Smart Links Review: Share Affiliate Links on Facebook

WP Smart Links Review: Here’s how you can share affiliate links on Facebook and other social media sites and not get blocked.

When you use post affiliate links on Facebook or other social sites, they can get blocked preventing you from earning huge commissions. With WP Smart Links, you can now post any affiliate link on any social media website and NOT get blocked.

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WP Smart Links is the next generation of link cloaking technology and uses some of the most up to date tactics and methods to protect your affiliate links. It works by automatically building “bridge pages” for every affiliate link. This way, the affiliate link goes to the “bridge page” before the actual affiliate landing page deceiving social sites.

You can use WP SmartLinks to post your affiliate links on ANY social media site without the fear of them getting blocked such as this example from Facebook when posting a JVZoo affiliate link.

Get more details on the WP Smart Links upsells, the WP SmartLinks OTO’s, WP SmartLinks bonuses, WP Smart Links pricing and more. This is the perfect tool for sharing affiliate links on Facebook and sharing affiliate links on social media sites.


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  1. I'd like to create an ads and run a campaign…
    Could you please recommend a site or show us how to create a landing page ?
    That would be much appreciated bro !

  2. I wonder how long it will take the top internet pointy heads in the universe (employed by Facebook) to figure this out and block it? I think this is dubious.

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