Yive Amazon Campaign: Automated Amazon Product Review Videos

Yive Amazon Campaign:  Automated Amazon Product Review Videos

Yive Amazon: In this video, I’ll take you through the Yive Amazon campaign and explain how the options work. You’ll also see proof of my rankings and I’ll discuss using Yive for local marketing as well.

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  1. Hi Chris
     I started a campaign yesterday using Yive. It was a keyword campaign, I put 15-20 KW's in the KW field and the campaign has only returned 4 videos, 2 of which are nothing to do with the niche I am targeting. I am stumped as to why it can't find more videos with so many KW's to go at…Any ideas???

    Also have been receiving emails from google saying someone is using my email for there back up email. Obviously that's me on my accounts, is it a problem? Should I be using a VPN or does everyone use there own IP to log in to channels and humanise? TIA

  2. Hi Chris, Both these questions are Yive related. First is Google is blocking me adding my Gmail address to the Yive system. Do you know how to fix that?. Next What Amazon products can I promote that weren't affected by the Amazon slap:( Commissions are lower I want to make sure I pick good products with the best possible commissions. Appreciate a reply:) Thanks so much!! Stay Safe:)

  3. Amazon is gone too greedy, no longer worth promoting. Chris it will be a good idea if you can make a similar video for Clickbank, local or another affiliate model.

  4. Hey Alan yes they have its something Amazon do quite often as Jeff needs to continue to be a Trillionaire but hey we have to live with it just look for products that will give you double what you were getting hell there is a billion of them on there to choose from or do like me head to CLICKBANK much better commissions and I am sure Chris HINT HINT will do a video on that in the near future he he 🙂

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