YIVE Caster: Automate Your YouTube Channels Growth [DEMO]

YIVE Caster: Automate Your YouTube Channels Growth [DEMO]

YIVE Caster: In this video series, I’m going to show you how toset up and use the YIVE Caster app to automatically create videos from online content and upload to your channel.

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YIVECaster automates the production and publishing of videos each and every day. Add your RSS Feed or your niche keywords and YIVE does the rest, pulling article data and images, generating the text-to-speech audio, creating unique videos and uploading them to YouTube. Additionally YIVE Caster lets you easily add your own optional pre-roll videos to make sure your customers see your offer. These videos are found in search engines, YouTube related videos, and Topic playlists and drive prospects to your offers.

Learn more about YIVE Caster, YIVE SMB, and YIVE Caster.


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  1. It sounds great but why can't we see what videos the yive caster creates? I'm trying to make a decision between this and Vidnami but I can't see the video quality of this at the moment whereas Vidnami I can see how it works and the final video result.

  2. Very good, I think this is the best tool for affiliates in 2019, this is not the small gap or is the real tool for real profits.For the newbies is the real start on the internet marketing with low learn curve.

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