Yive Review: Full Overview and Demo Series

Yive Review: Full Overview and Demo Series

Yive Review: This new version of Yive (Your Instant Video Empire) is unlike any other tool available. Yive is a video creation tool for online marketers, product owners and mass video marketers. Yive does everything from managing and seasoning Google accounts to auto-creating videos and uploading without any assistance.

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What can Yive Do? It can..
Automatically create and upload video reviews of Amazon products.
Automatically create and upload videos from specific keywords.
Automatically create and upload videos from Spintax content.
Automatically create and upload videos from RSS feeds.
Automatically create and upload videos from any URL.
Automatically create and upload videos from your own video and keywords.

All with residential proxies to protect your accounts. Promote affiliate products on YouTube, promote your business and services on YouTube, collect leads on YouTube and so much more all automatically.

Get full details from the website link above.


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  1. Hi. Great video. Do you need to do anything to drive traffic, as there are alot of channels ? Also, how do they create thumbnails and can you use an optimised channel ?

  2. Hello, I was considering purchasing thru your link but wanted to know will you still offer your bonuses for this product Yive. Also can you help with every aspect in getting help with Yive and how to get more YT accounts.

  3. Hey Chris, good day. the product sounds great. If I buy from from your link, will you advise in details the right way to speed up performance, in term of sales, of he campaign set up ?

  4. Chris, are all the videos creative commons? Actual real vidoes not robotic like that one tool content samurai?

    Im not technie at all, will that be a issue buddy?

  5. Hi Chris interested in purchasing this through your link. How much you are making from Amazon by uploading this videos and your fb group is for paid members only ?

  6. Chris, I need to purchase YIVE when it relaunches and so I have a quick question, due to my extremely limited funds right now I am only going to be able to purchase the $47/month product. Once I have the "core" or main product, will I be able to purchase the upsells as my budget allows? This is very important to me, so please reply and let me know anything you can. I would really appreciate it.

  7. hi, i wanted information about the voice buddy product but in portuguese, can i get any audio with you? by email, I'm looking to buy the tool through your link, I'm from Brazil

  8. Wow, I just bought another product and now this comes along. I don't have an endless money supply and the tool I just bought doesn't work with Amazon which is what I need and now I need to try to get a refund so I can get this one. I've been struggling to start my YouTube channel so I can make some affiliate income, even if it's just a very small income.

  9. Dude!!!! You need to engage with your viewers!!!! There are a lot of questions in the comment section and you’re ignoring them all. Why should we watch your videos if you won’t interact with us?

  10. HI chris, can you make a video (as a bonus for yive purchase via your link) how to buy 100 gmail account via pvazone & how to upload them into yive ? it wiil be very helpul. thanks

  11. Do we need to use their proxy system for this software? Google doesn't care how many accounts you have from your home IP address as long as you can properly verify them. I would rather just use my home IP address like I have for years without any problems…cheers

  12. Definitely on board with this Awesome product/software… Love your videos and training bro . Please , Need to have access to this software, bonuses and 100 google accounts. Thanks

  13. My thoughts:

    How do you get access to 100 Gmail accounts just like that?

    And isnt video creation like this actually seen as spam videos and will not youtube just close the accounts?
    I have seen example videos created with this tool and they were complete garbage!! So what is the use with creating and uploading crap videos to youtube, will anyone even watch them?
    I dont think I would.

    AWS S3 Backup of every video sure will be expensive, you have "made" 603 videos and that would cost quite some I think?

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